VOTE 2012


As everyone knows (or should know), 2012 is an important year. If you are a Democrat or a Republican, woman or man, black or white yada, yada, yada, your voice and your vote counts. Numerous issues that are important to Americans are up for debate. Health care, contraceptives and abortions being funded by Obama Care, relations with Syria, relations with China, and the economy are all under a magnifying glass this year. They also effect each and every American citizen.

Before we can jump into the issues, there is one thing that all of us at Not Your Coffee Bitch would like to announce. If you don’t vote, or are not planning on voting in the election this year we DO NOT want to hear your opinion. In fact all opinions matter except those who do not participate in one of the most important things in our society. VOTING. If you don’t vote then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

We aren’t talking about those of us under 18 that are not able to vote. We are talking about the people who are too lazy, or who don’t care enough to vote. As we all learned in Government, there is no reason not to vote.

As far as  the ladies that don’t vote, picture my finger wagging at you right now. Shame, shame, shame. If you don’t know why I’m wagging my finger at you please Google the nineteenth amendment, rent Iron Jawed Angles, and open a book about Suffragettes.

Let’s make sure that we vote and voice our opinions on what is important to us as caffeinated and politicaly informed Americans.

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