Teens wage war against magazine

The idea of the “perfect” body is ever changing through out history, society, and the world. From continent to continent, the idea of beauty greatly varies, according to the media. Although it may be a cliche, we at notyourcoffeebitch agree that beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder. Like the American Dream, beauty can be argued as unreal.

We take a strong stance on the belief that people should not be marketed as body parts, but as real men and women. We believe there should be a stronger emphasis on the brain and the heart to build self esteem, especially in young women, which will help them to make decisions concerning their health, nixing much of the power of the media to create an idea of  “perfection” for the masses.

The question thrown around recently relates to the harsh editing in the media. But, could the magazines who frequently zit and fat zap their models with photoshop-esque applications claim a right to art? Women are saying no.

With  the War on Teen Vogue,  two teenage girls have sparked controversy through change.org, a petition-for-the-cause site. We at notyourcoffeebitch urge our readers to look into thedailybeast article and join the movement. Every name counts. We endorse Carina Cruz and Emma Stydahar in their fight against the fictitious portrayals of young women in teen magazines and hope others will do the same.




photo credit: Emma Henderson; first published in wnhsodyssey

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