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The Campaign: a true horror film


Hollywood’s take on the proceedings of an election may be a little too realistic. It isn’t the idea that complete airheads are running our country, but actually the greedy and brilliant men behind the curtain, that make the movie the most terrifying. To quote the movie, “don’t you know anything about American politics? If you have the money, you have the election.”

The evil Motch Brothers who first back Marty are eerily similar to the Koch brothers. Never heard of them before? That’s exactly what they would like to here. In 2010 they openly began to oppose Obama, claiming to do what they could to get him out of office because of his “socialistic” leanings, or more realistically because of regulations on their multi-million dollar oil company. These lobbyists hold libertarian beliefs, akin to the tea party, and similar to those of Paul Ryan. In my opinion, Ryan is a very strong politician, especially for being so young; he’s practically out-shined Romney in his speeches while holding strong right-wing beliefs, balancing out Romney’s tendency to flip-flop on major issues such as gay rights and abortion. Is it too far fetched to wonder if Koch brothers bought Ryan out like The Motch brothers essentially bought out Marty and his family? If the brothers could raise the “grassroots” of the tea party, could they raise a political party as well?

Although campy, awkward and outrageously funny, the campaign seems to have more political basis than what meets the eye, with underlying dark humor. But quite ironically, Will Ferell said of the movie to Fox news, “a lot of political, satirical movies in the past have been heavier on the message. This is, I think, fun and not so serious, but has a little point of view as well.” Hopefully, conspiracy aside, this movie is pure comedy. If it isn’t scary to think about a campaign run by greedy bureaucrats, at least in the movie, Marty and Cam expose the corrupt in the end. To quote the housekeeper- “greedy Motherf****rs.”

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To Say “Pro-Life” is a Bit Extreame

When abortion comes up in any situation, one is either pro-life or pro-choice. To say that someone is not pro-life, gives off a murderous sort of connotation. Something that I feel is not fair,what so ever.

Realistically, unless you are contemplating suicide, you are in fact, pro-life. The term, in my opinion, does not belong in a debate as touchy as that of abortion. It provides an unequal advantage for those politicians who wish to control the bodies of women (including those that have been “legitimately raped” cough cough Todd Akin).

Saying that you are pro-choice, sounds free and American, but when chosen over pro-life, you sound like a monster. We have many freedoms in America (not really)and being pro-choice should be a choice that an American doesn’t need to think about for very long, unfortunately, this is not true. How would the conservatives like it if we started saying pro-socialism and pro-America in place of pro-life and pro-choice.(The Soviet Union actually supported abortions, but conservatives love to call everything communism and socialism.) To say that they are in fact, pro-socialism would throw off everything that they stand for; at the moment. Would it not?

That is exactly what the titles do to the women’s movement, they hold us back. We deserved the right to our lives and our bodies and it was our choice to fight for it. We do not deserve to be crucified for wanting a little freedom for our bodies. Let us start a revolution, titles without slant deserve to replace the current ones. I think that keeping pro-choice is justifiable, after all you are supporting a choice, when you are pro-choice. Pro-life, should be changed to something along the lines or anti-choice. It makes sense because, if you pro-life, you are against women choosing if they want an abortion or not. Let’s remove the negative connotation that bullies people into thinking a certain way and call it what it really is; supporting choices and not supporting them.

Furthermore, it is understandable that some people do not support abortion. Hey, I get it, it isn’t for everyone. At the same time, birthing and raising a child is not for everyone either. Instead of ripping liberties away form Americans, wear a condom, use birth control, don’t have sex, and or don’t have an abortion. Just don’t force everyone to suffer because of you, that my friends is not American, at all.

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Roses Are Red, Voilets Are Blue, Pageants Are Toxic…Or Are They?

Pageants have been under scrutiny for some time now, for making girls feel that their bodies are inadequate. How can one understand the effects of pageantry on young girls, if they have never before been exposed to Pageant life? That is the question that I set out to answer when I was a contestant in the Miss Italian Youngstown Pageant.
Before the pageant, the only exposure that I had to the pageant world was from viewing Toddlers and Tiaras. Also my Nanna tried to enter me into toddler pageants as a child, but my mom refused-I don’t think that my almost encounter counts. I entered the pageant completely clueless.

The pageant consisted of modeling, a speech about our Italian heritage, and a talent portion. That being said, the pageant was judged on modeling, speech, and talent, so that is one part hotness to two parts ability. considering that this was a beauty pageant, I thought that it was very lenient on the “beauty” and it focused more your acquired abilities.

The only bad thing about my experience was the dress. It was stunning and I loved it… online. I ordered a size 8, the size that my prom dress was. IT NEEDED TO BE LET OUT! This was in no way shape or form, the pageants fault. I decided to stop playing soccer for my senior year, and I’ve continued to eat as if I was playing. If anything the pageant has helped to promote a positive body image for myself. If it wasn’t for the way I felt on stage, I would not have been able to write honestly about what size my dress was. The pageant taught me that no one sees the tag with the size, they see the whole you, your intellect, your talent (stand up comedy for me,I channeled Babs in Funny Girl), and your confidence. I noticed that even the tallest and most slender girls in the pageant did not look as beautiful on stage if they were not confident. Confidence was key to this pageant.

The highlight of my night was when we lined up, off of the stage, to be crowned. Two little girls, age 4 and 6 (approximately) scurried towards me, and told me that they loved my dress. At that moment, I knew that I was a role model and I had no right to criticize myself over a bit of cellulite here or a muffin top there. After I told them that they were adorable and thanked them one of the girls shuffled away, and the older girl stayed by me. As she jumped up and down she asked me to show her my shoes. I lifted the bottom of my dress to show my shoes and she motioned towards the other girl and screamed, “DID YOU SEE HER SHOES!” To those little girls, I was a like a movie star. My only hope for them is that when they become teenagers that they are able to be at peace with their image and that they will forever know that they are rock stars.

I didn’t win the pageant, but I won something much more valuable. At my heaviest weight, I still felt beautiful and radiant. The pageant gave me confidence, grace, and peace. Pageants have been scrutinized before for promoting an unhealthy body image to young girls. In my experience, it was the healthiest competition that I have ever been involved in. Of course not all pageants are the same. There are some where all that matters is how much glitter you wear, how much you spent, and how dark your tan is. There are also others that will not allow glitter, tans, and are relatively low-cost. The experience you have is determined by your confidence and what pageant you enter.

P.S All contestants at the Miss Italian Youngstown Pageant received the world’s most amazing swag bag, and a very large trophy. We were also told by the pageant director that he wouldn’t have cared if he drew a name out of a hat to crown the top three. To him, and to everyone in the audience, we were all winners.

Sexist governor inspires defiance

Not Your Coffee Bitch was started by Jessie and I after we attended a leadership summit that is well-known nationwide as Girls State. By attending, we had the privilege of listening to our governor speak. During and afterwards, we were shocked by the sexist under tones and wondered if that really was the governor of Ohio telling us that we were still inferior, still very prevalent as sex slaves and still should be pursuing jobs out of the political realm.. and by no means president.

Frustrated and outraged, we talked about the internships that came along with the program. Together we vowed not to be coffee bitches for our governor, or for anyone for that matter. One of us decided Not Your Coffee Bitch would be a great name for a politically charged blog and the rest is history.

By continuing to be involved in current issues and triumphs, as women, we hope to give others a passion for the world at large, present solutions and promote those up-and-coming.

Thank you for reading. If you like what we are about, please leave a comment or a like and support us in our endeavors as political activists.

– Calley

The United States is not the world; The United Nations and Susan Rice


Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations comments on women in politics, nuclear warfare, foreign policy and the state of women in the olympics.

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On another note, check out this scathing fox news article about Rice being a “Limousine Liberal”, or a liberal who pretends to be supportive of the common man before jumping in their decked out ride and cruising back to the mansion. I don’t think this is just a “liberal” move, but more of an overall political one. Many many many politicians have tried to turn on their “average guy/girl” card, almost every president in office, and probably candidates too… it’s no more than a tactic of getting the approval of the masses. How should she condone herself except for as a classy, polite, ethically driven lady?

Since Rice is admittingly pro Obama, and has been during his 2008 campaign, I can see why she may be the target of republicans, but political affliation aside, who is against peace? I personally don’t understand the idea behind being against supporting another country’s development and liberation… is it to keep us up as a world power? Does ignoring or not supporting the reformations of other countries heed their progress as well as our downfall?  Especially when it is on the behalf of the United Nations, not the United States of America to financially and physically see through world involved struggles? The United States is not the world.

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