The United States is not the world; The United Nations and Susan Rice


Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations comments on women in politics, nuclear warfare, foreign policy and the state of women in the olympics.

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On another note, check out this scathing fox news article about Rice being a “Limousine Liberal”, or a liberal who pretends to be supportive of the common man before jumping in their decked out ride and cruising back to the mansion. I don’t think this is just a “liberal” move, but more of an overall political one. Many many many politicians have tried to turn on their “average guy/girl” card, almost every president in office, and probably candidates too… it’s no more than a tactic of getting the approval of the masses. How should she condone herself except for as a classy, polite, ethically driven lady?

Since Rice is admittingly pro Obama, and has been during his 2008 campaign, I can see why she may be the target of republicans, but political affliation aside, who is against peace? I personally don’t understand the idea behind being against supporting another country’s development and liberation… is it to keep us up as a world power? Does ignoring or not supporting the reformations of other countries heed their progress as well as our downfall?  Especially when it is on the behalf of the United Nations, not the United States of America to financially and physically see through world involved struggles? The United States is not the world.

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