Sexist governor inspires defiance

Not Your Coffee Bitch was started by Jessie and I after we attended a leadership summit that is well-known nationwide as Girls State. By attending, we had the privilege of listening to our governor speak. During and afterwards, we were shocked by the sexist under tones and wondered if that really was the governor of Ohio telling us that we were still inferior, still very prevalent as sex slaves and still should be pursuing jobs out of the political realm.. and by no means president.

Frustrated and outraged, we talked about the internships that came along with the program. Together we vowed not to be coffee bitches for our governor, or for anyone for that matter. One of us decided Not Your Coffee Bitch would be a great name for a politically charged blog and the rest is history.

By continuing to be involved in current issues and triumphs, as women, we hope to give others a passion for the world at large, present solutions and promote those up-and-coming.

Thank you for reading. If you like what we are about, please leave a comment or a like and support us in our endeavors as political activists.

– Calley


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