To Say “Pro-Life” is a Bit Extreame

When abortion comes up in any situation, one is either pro-life or pro-choice. To say that someone is not pro-life, gives off a murderous sort of connotation. Something that I feel is not fair,what so ever.

Realistically, unless you are contemplating suicide, you are in fact, pro-life. The term, in my opinion, does not belong in a debate as touchy as that of abortion. It provides an unequal advantage for those politicians who wish to control the bodies of women (including those that have been “legitimately raped” cough cough Todd Akin).

Saying that you are pro-choice, sounds free and American, but when chosen over pro-life, you sound like a monster. We have many freedoms in America (not really)and being pro-choice should be a choice that an American doesn’t need to think about for very long, unfortunately, this is not true. How would the conservatives like it if we started saying pro-socialism and pro-America in place of pro-life and pro-choice.(The Soviet Union actually supported abortions, but conservatives love to call everything communism and socialism.) To say that they are in fact, pro-socialism would throw off everything that they stand for; at the moment. Would it not?

That is exactly what the titles do to the women’s movement, they hold us back. We deserved the right to our lives and our bodies and it was our choice to fight for it. We do not deserve to be crucified for wanting a little freedom for our bodies. Let us start a revolution, titles without slant deserve to replace the current ones. I think that keeping pro-choice is justifiable, after all you are supporting a choice, when you are pro-choice. Pro-life, should be changed to something along the lines or anti-choice. It makes sense because, if you pro-life, you are against women choosing if they want an abortion or not. Let’s remove the negative connotation that bullies people into thinking a certain way and call it what it really is; supporting choices and not supporting them.

Furthermore, it is understandable that some people do not support abortion. Hey, I get it, it isn’t for everyone. At the same time, birthing and raising a child is not for everyone either. Instead of ripping liberties away form Americans, wear a condom, use birth control, don’t have sex, and or don’t have an abortion. Just don’t force everyone to suffer because of you, that my friends is not American, at all.

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