Really Bill?

Attention, attention: Bill O’Reilly hates “fashion people” and the “idle rich.” This fact was crystalized when he sent Jesse Watters to explore Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The story was filled with girls with thick Russian accents, and people who aren’t well-informed, and people who don’t watch his show (the last two items are in no way related). There were also movie clips slathered through the bit to bring some humor to the already malicious piece.

To say that these women represent every fashionista, is like playing someone Zoolander, and telling them that it is a documentary. We must question how many  intelligent fashion week goers were interviewed only to be left stranded on the cutting room floor. If I do say so myself, everyone here at NotYourCoffeeBitch is very stylish, and we are all well-informed on American politics. Bill O’Reilly’s piece on fashion week is like saying that all gay men are flamers, all blondes are dumb, and all upper-class white males are ignorant. Anyone who has yet to receive a lobotomy knows that these stereotypes are not true. I find this kind of scum bag journalism offensive.

Not only were Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters blatantly stereotypical, but they were very ignorant. Apparently fashionistas are “idle rich” that spend money frivolously because of our “little dresses” that cost thousands of dollars, and because Katie Holmes is selling a $3,100 cape. However, he forgot to mention the jobs that the fashion industry creates. From retail jobs, to more lucrative careers in P.R, fashion stimulates the economy more than anyone from Fox News ever has.

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I think that the duo were a tad hypocritical as well. I’m sure that a man who has had the top rated cable news show since 2001 and is a New York Times best-selling author isn’t buying his suits at K-Mart (not that there is anything wrong with K-Mart). I would assume that Bill O’Reilly’s wardrobe is filled with pricy duds that the fashion industry played a large part in. No one is exempt from the fashion industry, not the bag lady on the corner, and certainly not Bill O’Reilly. It touches everything that we do, everything that we see. It provides and outlet for creative minds, and helps to express who you are. So Bill, listen to what Meryl Streep has to say, because we are all thinking it.

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