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activism in action: bitch fights for a more energy efficent museum

If you feel strongly about this cause, please copy and paste this memo on feel free to add your name.

It will take only a couple seconds of your time and will ensure COSI takes this memo seriously.

Excited, as always,

– CN

To: COSI Columbus


Memo: You can revamp the “Adventure” exhibit with more efficient lighting

Attachment: St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. “Scientists discover ways to optimize light sources for vision: Tuning lighting devices could save billions.” ScienceDaily, 15 Nov. 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2012.


Seven years ago, the beloved “Adventure” exhibit at your interactive science museum was closed down to the dismay of many families because of the lack of funding. Allegedly, the lighting for the exhibit was costly. Although the attraction has recently been re-opened, it might be a good idea to look into different lighting technology to ensure that it remains.

There is a new technology in lighting, somewhat similar to florescent in the sense that it flickers very fast, in fact faster, than florescent lighting. But this flickering in new lighting technique actually resonates with the human brain, creating the most pleasing experience for onlookers with the most efficiency. By implementing temporal lighting to your old exploration/adventure exhibit, you could be a pioneer in using a system that may end up, as the article title states, saving America billions of dollars, as well as saving crucial tax funds for your museum.

It turns out these faster flickers are not only more cost effective, but also very pleasing to the human eye. For this reason, you might also be able to draw more people to re-visit the exhibit. If people feel as though they are learning, viewing something aesthetically pleasing, and becoming a part of history by witnessing the future of technology, you will have customers running back through the doors. Membership could soar.

If all goes well and COSI saves money from the new lighting, it may be a good idea to expand exhibit by exhibit, slowly implementing new lighting. This way, the cost and construction would be gradual and most cost effective. From pursuing temporal lighting first in the “Adventure” exhibit, COSI may be pursuing a step in advancing as a renowned science center by channeling the advancement philosophy of the museum into it’s technology.

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Fifty Shades of I Don’t Even Know, Crap Perhaps?

This weekend, I felt a burden lift off of my shoulder. That burden was EL Jame’s Fifty Shades of Grey, after a solid month of reading, I finally finished the entire trilogy. You can not look at television screen or open up a news paper without seeing some reference to the novels, so I decided to give it a go. The book that is comfortably perched upon the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List, is everywhere and it is about time that it found its way onto NotYourCoffeeBitch, for better or worse.

Personally, I had a weird love/hate feeling for the books, namely the reason why it took me a month to get through. Honestly, I only read the books, because I heard it was so taboo. For the same reason, I also read Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D.H Lawrence over the summer, and I would say that it is much more exciting, the writing is five million times better, it is philosophically intriguing and it is not nearly as sexist. The only thing that they did have in common was the fact that neither of the novels were as naughty as they were made out to be by society. Needless to say I was disappointed with the trilogy, and shocked that women are eating this up. I am not referring women enjoying the use of BDSM in the book’s sex scenes, I am referring to the way that Christian Grey treats Anastasia Steel like a child, and a material possession.

In the first book we meet Anastasia Steele, who is 22, has never been in a relationship and has never been touched, not even by herself. Which, come on, is not realistic at all. Oh and she says “geeze,” “crap,” and when she feels a little risky, she might drop a “double crap.” So really, Anastasia Steele acts 12 when she is supposed to be 22. She also has the spine of a jelly fish, and probably couldn’t define assertive if her life depended on it.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kristen Stewart while reading the…um novels (should I even call them that?). Anastasia was just dull, and uninteresting. I felt awkward just reading about her. Ana was one of those girls that tried to be awkward because she thought it was cute. I’m starting to notice a trend, instead of girls dumbing themselves down to seek attention, they pretend to be painfully awkward. CAN’T YOU JUST BE YOUR SMART UN-AKWARD SELF LADIES!?

The love of her life is the weirdest fictional character that I have ever read about. He is… A DOUCHE BAG! WHY DO YOU LOVE HIM MOMS OF SUBERBIA, WHY? Since I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone who is reading this and saying, “I just want to find out for myself,” I’m going to try my hardest not to rant too much about why I HATED Christian Grey, and to leave it as vague as I can.

First of all, he keeps warning Ana to stay away from him because he is a vampire sexist douche BDSM loving millionaire. The first time they kiss, he tells her that he wont go any further without the paperwork. WHAT? Upon hearing this I would think he is a weird egotistical psycho, but not Ana. The list of demands that he gives to her is just absurd, and I wanted to punch myself in the face for reading it. If you ever are in a situation where someone has to say, they aren’t into doing stuff with animals and children, you should just leave. I would think that is an obvious no, but apparently not in Christian Grey’s world.

All throughout the book, Christian has a problem recognizing that Ana is not a blow up doll, but a human. He has trackers in her phone, hardly ever lets her drive her car, and bought the company that she works for all to “protect” her. Honestly, he treats her like a child. The one time that she wore a skimpy dress to a club, he made sure that she knew her body was not hers, but his. Not to mention the fact that Ana was always worried about the mood that Christian would be in. Not because she cared about him, but because she didn’t want to be yelled at/have the shit beat out of her again. This is why, at no point in this book did I think, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

I guess that the biggest problem that I had with the book, was that Ana was not a person, but a possession. But past that, I don’t know why women liked that. I don’t think that women have fought this hard, to want to go back to square one. I felt that the books were a complete slap in the face of the equal rights movement.

Before I read Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought that the novels would be empowering to women. I thought that this would be a piece that embraced female sexuality. After, I was shocked that a woman would fantasize about such a thing. We haven’t worked this hard to be treated like children. We haven’t worked this hard to have people view us as indecisive pieces of property.

Simply put, I don’t understand it. Women of today are strong, powerful, and independent, nothing like Ana Steele. This is refered to as “mommy porn,” but would any parent want their child to be treated like Ana? Certainly no parent would want their child to treat people how Christian treats them. With this sort of abuse being called fantasy, I fear the direction in which we are headed as a society.

If you want a more in-depth view of this crap, please visit this blog, I loved it as much as I hated Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Death for Dinner

Watch this, your life may depend on it:

Roughly 20 years ago, cigarette companies failed to cover up the link between nicotine and addiction. It wasn’t long ago that the general public was not formally aware of the complications presented by smoking. Up until recently, cigarettes weren’t consider to be addictive, let alone a cause for lung cancer.

The FDA is not innocent either. That diet coke you’re sipping as you read this article may be killing you. On the nutrition facts, you will see an ingredient called Aspartame, which may also be addictive. Aspartame according to the EFSA, is a low-calorie intense artificial sweetener with no calories. Talk to diet product drinkers you know. They will all say that they got used to the taste, and may even go onto say that they enjoy it more than the original.

It could be too good to be true. Studies have shown on the following timeline ( how Aspartame became legal, and by what means. Even though studies have shown that this fecal matter of bacteria is killing animals, causing holes in the brains of mice and cancer in monkeys, aspartame is still legal. The FDA and EFSA argue that you would have to drink approximately 23 diet soft drinks a day to have any effect. This said, it may be possible that over time, drinking a diet soda a day could cause illnesses that eventually result in death.

To quote the pro-Aspartame website,

In 2007, an extensive evaluation of the safety of over 500 studies related to aspartame, “Aspartame: a safety assessment based on current usage rates, regulations, and toxicological and epidemiological studies” was published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology . “The expert panel concluded that aspartame is a safe sweetener, which has been studied exhaustively and can help reduce the calorie content of many foods,” said Dr. Berna Magnuson, lead author of the analysis, senior scientist, consultant for regulatory Cantox Health Sciences International and assistant professor of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto. The panel also concluded that rates of aspartame found in the human diet are not a problem for health, there is no credible link between aspartame and diseases linked to the nervous system and behavior, or any other symptom or disease and there is no evidence indicating a genetic toxicity or carcinogenicity of credible evidence, or evidence to support a link combining aspartame and the development of obesity.

There have been five studies regarding Aspartame’s effects on the body, the most common link being cancer. Even with these five major studies, the FDA still regards that Aspartame is safe. WHY?:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the use of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners in the United States. In 2007, the FDA stated:

Considering results from the large number of studies on aspartame’s safety, including five previously conducted negative chronic carcinogenicity studies, a recently reported large epidemiology study with negative associations between the use of aspartame and the occurrence of tumors, and negative findings from a series of three transgenic mouse assays, FDA finds no reason to alter its previous conclusion that aspartame is safe as a general purpose sweetener in food.

The fear doesn’t end with aspartame. Our genetically modified food supply may explain the increase in cancer rates and birth defects as well. Fluoride, MSG, BPA, hormones, cottonseed oil, hydrogenated oil and various pesticides are just a few to watch out for. If these substances are killing animals, it is feasible that they are also killing humans.

There may be links to our food supply and birth defects like Autism and Down Syndrome. There is a decrease in male fertility in America, and young girls are having their periods at age 8. These genetic modifications in our lives are being correlated to our genetically modified food. GMO is cheaper to regulate, easier to manage than non-GMO products because it was crafted by scientists by adding or removing strands of DNA to be more managable. All of these products were introduced to boost our food supply and to create a cheaper product. With the state of our economy, many businesses are scrupulous in order to save money, make a profit and appeal to the masses. Additives and addictive substances are the easiest way to get loyal customers.

What can be done about this? Try to eat as simplistically as possible and avoid processed foods. Cut out meat from your diet, or purchase free-range or organic. Start buying organic produce and products as well as non-gmo foods. Instead of buying aspartame sweetened foods, look for food with natural sugars with honey or cane sugar. From personal testament, you will feel overall better with a change in your diet. You will feel less lethargic, need less sleep, be able to think more clearly and fend off sickness quickly if you catch a cold at all. I can say that out of personal experience.

What Michelle Obama needs to do is support this. To solve the problem, there needs to be people of major influence backing these critical issues. Companies must appeal to the Organic trend, and many already are such as Amy’s, Annie’s, Tom’s, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, etc.

Still, organic and natural food and produce is still hard to come by and at times very expensive. It is little wonder why college students fill up on MSG laden Ramen instead of whole wheat organic thai, and it isn’t because one just tastes better. Organic may be more expensive, but you will ultimately be investing in your health in the long run, which could save you from those expensive medical bills invoked by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Do not live in fear of our food supply. The above information being presented, it is important to be pro-active and critical of government regulation because history has shown us that we need to. Nicotine was once not addictive. Trans-fat was once legal. MSG still is, and so is the silicon make-up of chicken nuggets and taco-bell shells. It can not be argued that these food additives are good for you. They just possibly won’t kill you.

You’re health is in your own hands and the decision to eat better is ultimately yours. With the GMO labeling proposition failing in California, it is important to remain critical among a society that isn’t.

(Alex Jones)

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Sex offenders near you

You may have walked a block to school every morning in elementary school or road your bike around the neighborhood during the summer months. Little did your parents know that there were 178 sex offenders in your presumably safe city.

If existed when you were growing up, your parents may not have let you out of the house. You can type in your home address and little boxes will pop up to show you which houses you can avoid. Not only do you get the full name of each listed sex offender on this site, but also a picture and their convictions. You can pay the site for a background check.

Is it moral to expose an individual for the rest of their lives for crimes they committed in their younger years? Is privacy an inalienable right?

It is not. The average number of children molested by a single predator before they are caught is 117. If that is not enough to persuade you that sexual offenses must be monitored, 30% of these children will likely become sexual predators themselves. From one predator, approximately 31 children are likely to become sexual offenders according to this statistic. This is a chain reaction.

No one can argue for sex offenders, but many will argue for their privacy. argues that perhaps the offender did something stupid and should not be branded for life. But this is just the account of the offender. Can it be taken as truth? Should it be? Groping a 14 year old when you are 30 is likely going to get you into trouble, taking advantage of the ignorance of children for pleasure.



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Why This Election Mattered (Hint: It’s Not For The Reasons You Think!)

A president’s legacy is often hard to discern, even after its been decades since they left office.

Why? Because their decisions are still writing decisions!

The justices and justices a president appoints have far-reaching consequences, and with life-terms, they often times end up becoming their living legacy. Hell, John Paul Stevens, a Gerald Ford-appointed Supreme Court justice retired only two years ago, and considering incredibly close SCOTUS decisions Stevens voted in and how he voted in them, it’s likely that this Republican-appointed justice is the reason that women retain the right to choose¹ and the reason that minorities can still receive special consideration from universities² (as long as there aren’t quotas!)

The point being that the justices that a president selects often times have larger historical impacts than the presidents themselves have.

So what does this have to do with this election?

Well, some presidents get lucky, some don’t. Some, like Jimmy Carter, don’t get to appoint a single Supreme Court justice, while another, like Ronald Reagan, might hit the jackpot and get to appoint four, including a Chief Justice!

This was followed by George H.W. who got 2 more conservative appointees in his term in office, and ever since their 6 appointee spree, conservatives have retained at least a 5-4 majority in the court, as Democrats received two appointments over Clinton’s two terms and Republicans received two appointments under Bush’s (Clinton got Ginsburg/Breyer, W. got Roberts/Alito)

Well ladies and gentlemen, President Obama might be about to hit the Judicial Jackpot as his predecessor Reagan did about three decades ago.

Thus far, Obama has already hit the average quota of two appointed justices in Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, however, with four more years, it’s likely he may be hitting the sweet spot to get some more, and might even flip the majority of the court for the first time in decades.

The court is aging. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest at 79 and has been hinting that this may be her last year on the court. The other Clinton appointee, Stephen Breyer, is also getting on in age, turning 74 just last August.

However, these are Clinton appointees and Obama appointing replacements for the two isn’t what makes this election so significant.

It’s the next two that should have conservatives worried. Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy both turned age 76 earlier this year, both conservatives appointed by Ronald Reagan over 24 years ago. Looking at their age and comparing it to previous retirees, this should definitely be a cause of worry for conservatives and a cause to rejoice for liberals.

With the exception of John Pauls Stevens (who we mentioned earlier), all of the recent Supreme Court retirees have retired between the ages of 70 and 80; Souter at 70, O’Connor at 76, and Byron White at 76.

This means that on top of the two justices he has already appointed, Obama is currently in the position to potentially make four more Supreme Court appointees.

Is he likely to get all of them? Of course not, but he doesn’t need to. Scalia and Kennedy are his targets, and this next four years is likely going to become a staring contest between the Old Guards of the conservative wing of the court and President Obama, as with Ginsburg retiring soon, he will already be at three appointees and if either Scalia or Kennedy retire, President Obama is going to be the president to flip the majority to the liberal wing for the first time in the Court in about 2 decades.

With recent decisions like Bush v. Gore, Citizens United, the Arizona Immigration Law and the Healthcare Reform rulings being decided by thin majorities and largely partisan votes, and the questions of Gay Marriage, Voting Rights, and Affirmative Action facing the court on the horizon, Obama’s re-election is more significant than you might think.

¹ Casey v. Planned Parenthood
² Grutter v. Bollinger & Grutz v. Bollinger

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If You Want a Seat in the Senate, Don’t Defend Rape

I think that most of us can agree that it is a “gift from God” that Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock will not be serving in the Senate this year. If you are not familiar because you have been busy refurnishing the rock that you live under, Todd Akin was convinced that “legitimate rape” hardly ever causes pregnancy, and Richard Mourdock believed that babies produced by rape and incest are gifts from god and should not be allowed to be aborted. I’m shocked that they couldn’t win with that progressive attitude. I mean, I know that I love having zero control over my own body, and if I got pregnant from a rape, it would be my fault if my uterus didn’t kick it into high gear and fight off the rapist’s sperm. Kidding!

Honestly, I am so very thankful for the people of Missouri and Indiana for electing Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly instead of the Akin-Mourdock duo, which were endorsed by the Romney Ryan ticket. Though McCaskill and Donnelly won by a margin that I though was narrow for these races: McCaskill 55-49, and Donnelly 50-44. I find it shocking that, even in 2012, a sizable amount of voters agreed with Akin and Mourdock. Maybe we shouldn’t be as surprised by the margin in Missouri, since they are one of the most conservative states in the union, but I still find it to be unbelievable.

These margins mean that while this battle on the war on women has been won, there are many more battles to come. The only thing that stands between a free America for all sexes, and a trip down memory lane is us. The people of Missouri and Indiana were not about to let this happen and they spoke their minds. We need to stand together and make the most out of this fourth wave of feminism. If we do a good enough job, it might be the last push we need to make a truly equal world for both sexes! I wish that this blog, and other publications like it were unnecessary. Until that day comes, the writers of NotYourCoffeeBitch will be here doing our best to make equality a tangible thing instead of an idea, for people all across the globe.

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51 Stars for the Flag?

Among all of the re-election cries of both joy and concern, the media overlooked one very important vote. Puerto Rico’s vote on the referendum for statehood. Since 1898 Puerto Rico has been part of the Commonwealth of the United States. This allows for a small delegation in congress without voting privileges.

The relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States has sparked debate nationally and even globally. The issue revolves around whether Puerto Rico should remain a U.S. territory, become a U.S. state, or break off and form an independent nation.

On Tuesday their ballot contained two questions regarding the current “territory” status of Puerto Rico. The first question asked if they favor the current status of Puerto Rico. Fifty-four percent of voters responded no, signifying their discontent. The second question gave voters three choices statehood, independence, or “sovereign free association,” which would give the 4 million island residents more independence. Only 1.3 million voters chose to answer this final question. Of those, sixty-one percent chose statehood. Although this is a majority response, 500,000 voters chose to leave this question blank. With such a great number of voters refusing to make the choice, did statehood really win? Congress will have to react to the election results themselves, but for the first time a 51stseems like a great possibility.

Image by Rick Wyatt, 1998.

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Bible Beaters Turn Their Attention to the Beaded Vaginas of Sinners, and So Much More

Please, whatever you might be doing, however important it might be, go to I have’s page on Brazil to thank for leading me to this charlie-fox trot of a website. It covers everything from vajjazzling to steal your sons away from God, and why you should keep your husband away from black women. My right palm is having a hard time leaving my forehead (is face-palming a sin too?). Honestly, the more I read, the harder I laugh.

Let us start with christwire’s take on a sequined vagina,  “…college female students are now ‘vajazzling” their private areas. They are adorning their erogenous suprapubic area with jewels, and then trying to tempt men to follow the sparkles right to a place where only the married belong.” The rest of the article displays the “whore antics” of women who nature intended to stay at home.

My personal favorite post was related to the post “How Did Harry Potter Turn Emma Watson into a Devilwhore.” apparently Emma is taking her devilwhordum into a film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is a “women’s lesbian film.” The article can be summed up into one direct quote, “we have just learned that Emma Watson has agreed to not only do all her scenes nude, but also let Anderson Cooper stick his Satan Scepter into her fertile sin hole, live on the movie screen.” I’m speechless.

Thankfully, is much like  “A Modest Proposal” because at face value it is horrific and repulsive, until the moment that you find out the whole thing was sarcastic. Then you feel like an ass for becoming so enraged.  I praise the writers of for exposing bigotry by agreeing with the bigots themselves. It is an interesting way to get your view-point across, but trust me when I say this satirical website is not for the faint of heart. The only reason that you have to become enraged with is that some people will take these articles as a continuation of the Bible. If you find that person start running, especially if you hear banjos.

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An excellent electoral college analysis. Looks like we have an election on our hands. With new voter identification laws passed and varying electoral college forecasts, expect political chaos today and in the days preceding.