Death for Dinner

Watch this, your life may depend on it:

Roughly 20 years ago, cigarette companies failed to cover up the link between nicotine and addiction. It wasn’t long ago that the general public was not formally aware of the complications presented by smoking. Up until recently, cigarettes weren’t consider to be addictive, let alone a cause for lung cancer.

The FDA is not innocent either. That diet coke you’re sipping as you read this article may be killing you. On the nutrition facts, you will see an ingredient called Aspartame, which may also be addictive. Aspartame according to the EFSA, is a low-calorie intense artificial sweetener with no calories. Talk to diet product drinkers you know. They will all say that they got used to the taste, and may even go onto say that they enjoy it more than the original.

It could be too good to be true. Studies have shown on the following timeline ( how Aspartame became legal, and by what means. Even though studies have shown that this fecal matter of bacteria is killing animals, causing holes in the brains of mice and cancer in monkeys, aspartame is still legal. The FDA and EFSA argue that you would have to drink approximately 23 diet soft drinks a day to have any effect. This said, it may be possible that over time, drinking a diet soda a day could cause illnesses that eventually result in death.

To quote the pro-Aspartame website,

In 2007, an extensive evaluation of the safety of over 500 studies related to aspartame, “Aspartame: a safety assessment based on current usage rates, regulations, and toxicological and epidemiological studies” was published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology . “The expert panel concluded that aspartame is a safe sweetener, which has been studied exhaustively and can help reduce the calorie content of many foods,” said Dr. Berna Magnuson, lead author of the analysis, senior scientist, consultant for regulatory Cantox Health Sciences International and assistant professor of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto. The panel also concluded that rates of aspartame found in the human diet are not a problem for health, there is no credible link between aspartame and diseases linked to the nervous system and behavior, or any other symptom or disease and there is no evidence indicating a genetic toxicity or carcinogenicity of credible evidence, or evidence to support a link combining aspartame and the development of obesity.

There have been five studies regarding Aspartame’s effects on the body, the most common link being cancer. Even with these five major studies, the FDA still regards that Aspartame is safe. WHY?:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the use of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners in the United States. In 2007, the FDA stated:

Considering results from the large number of studies on aspartame’s safety, including five previously conducted negative chronic carcinogenicity studies, a recently reported large epidemiology study with negative associations between the use of aspartame and the occurrence of tumors, and negative findings from a series of three transgenic mouse assays, FDA finds no reason to alter its previous conclusion that aspartame is safe as a general purpose sweetener in food.

The fear doesn’t end with aspartame. Our genetically modified food supply may explain the increase in cancer rates and birth defects as well. Fluoride, MSG, BPA, hormones, cottonseed oil, hydrogenated oil and various pesticides are just a few to watch out for. If these substances are killing animals, it is feasible that they are also killing humans.

There may be links to our food supply and birth defects like Autism and Down Syndrome. There is a decrease in male fertility in America, and young girls are having their periods at age 8. These genetic modifications in our lives are being correlated to our genetically modified food. GMO is cheaper to regulate, easier to manage than non-GMO products because it was crafted by scientists by adding or removing strands of DNA to be more managable. All of these products were introduced to boost our food supply and to create a cheaper product. With the state of our economy, many businesses are scrupulous in order to save money, make a profit and appeal to the masses. Additives and addictive substances are the easiest way to get loyal customers.

What can be done about this? Try to eat as simplistically as possible and avoid processed foods. Cut out meat from your diet, or purchase free-range or organic. Start buying organic produce and products as well as non-gmo foods. Instead of buying aspartame sweetened foods, look for food with natural sugars with honey or cane sugar. From personal testament, you will feel overall better with a change in your diet. You will feel less lethargic, need less sleep, be able to think more clearly and fend off sickness quickly if you catch a cold at all. I can say that out of personal experience.

What Michelle Obama needs to do is support this. To solve the problem, there needs to be people of major influence backing these critical issues. Companies must appeal to the Organic trend, and many already are such as Amy’s, Annie’s, Tom’s, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, etc.

Still, organic and natural food and produce is still hard to come by and at times very expensive. It is little wonder why college students fill up on MSG laden Ramen instead of whole wheat organic thai, and it isn’t because one just tastes better. Organic may be more expensive, but you will ultimately be investing in your health in the long run, which could save you from those expensive medical bills invoked by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Do not live in fear of our food supply. The above information being presented, it is important to be pro-active and critical of government regulation because history has shown us that we need to. Nicotine was once not addictive. Trans-fat was once legal. MSG still is, and so is the silicon make-up of chicken nuggets and taco-bell shells. It can not be argued that these food additives are good for you. They just possibly won’t kill you.

You’re health is in your own hands and the decision to eat better is ultimately yours. With the GMO labeling proposition failing in California, it is important to remain critical among a society that isn’t.

(Alex Jones)

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    Check out more about the GMO bill failing and Monsanto’s party in California @

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