activism in action: bitch fights for a more energy efficent museum

If you feel strongly about this cause, please copy and paste this memo on feel free to add your name.

It will take only a couple seconds of your time and will ensure COSI takes this memo seriously.

Excited, as always,

– CN

To: COSI Columbus


Memo: You can revamp the “Adventure” exhibit with more efficient lighting

Attachment: St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. “Scientists discover ways to optimize light sources for vision: Tuning lighting devices could save billions.” ScienceDaily, 15 Nov. 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2012.


Seven years ago, the beloved “Adventure” exhibit at your interactive science museum was closed down to the dismay of many families because of the lack of funding. Allegedly, the lighting for the exhibit was costly. Although the attraction has recently been re-opened, it might be a good idea to look into different lighting technology to ensure that it remains.

There is a new technology in lighting, somewhat similar to florescent in the sense that it flickers very fast, in fact faster, than florescent lighting. But this flickering in new lighting technique actually resonates with the human brain, creating the most pleasing experience for onlookers with the most efficiency. By implementing temporal lighting to your old exploration/adventure exhibit, you could be a pioneer in using a system that may end up, as the article title states, saving America billions of dollars, as well as saving crucial tax funds for your museum.

It turns out these faster flickers are not only more cost effective, but also very pleasing to the human eye. For this reason, you might also be able to draw more people to re-visit the exhibit. If people feel as though they are learning, viewing something aesthetically pleasing, and becoming a part of history by witnessing the future of technology, you will have customers running back through the doors. Membership could soar.

If all goes well and COSI saves money from the new lighting, it may be a good idea to expand exhibit by exhibit, slowly implementing new lighting. This way, the cost and construction would be gradual and most cost effective. From pursuing temporal lighting first in the “Adventure” exhibit, COSI may be pursuing a step in advancing as a renowned science center by channeling the advancement philosophy of the museum into it’s technology.

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