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Guns for Hands

Photo credit: Paul Tong

Photo credit: Paul Tong

Since the tragedy in Newtown, the NRA has been- literally and figuratively- up in arms. They recently aired an advertisement issuing a stand-up-and-fight mantra following their press conference. Their solution to mass shootings of the young and defenseless? Put weapons into the hands of supervisors. The Whitehouse children have armed guards, so why shouldn’t the remainder of young Americans? In a general, idealistic sense, this proposal seems rational. If an armed person were to enter a classroom, a teacher would simply pull an AK-47 from their cabinet.

Putting guns into teacher’s cabinets is similar to the nuclear arms race. If implemented cautiously, it could in theory work, having a stockpile against a stock pile. But, a mentally insane person is not going to rationalize shooting children in the first place, let alone thinking “OH, well now since schoolteachers have guns too, I probably shouldn’t enter the school with a gun unless I want to get the first bullet.” Arming teachers will not dissuade the mentally insane from entering schools with guns because doing so isn’t a rational act in the first place.

Can every teacher, coach and supervisor be trusted with a gun? Personally, there are quite a few people holding these occupations who I wouldn’t trust with a gun. There would need to be some state issued training. Teachers couldn’t simply be handed guns if they didn’t know how to use them. But even if they did, there is also a question of an instructor’s mental sanity. So not only would schools be required to provide a shooting course for their teachers or professors, but also a mental background check of sorts. Even then, who is to say that school shootings from within wouldn’t occur? Do you give the principal the biggest gun? Like the nuclear arms race, creating weaponry is only perpetuating mass destruction.

The next problem facing gun control and mental sanity is how to determine whether someone is stable enough to own a gun. If I was once an alcoholic, if I suffered from extreme anxiety or depression, would I be mentally sane enough to own a gun? Would this defer me from having a job within a school system since I would be unable to brandish a gun? Mental sanity may be the next question. If so, the mentally ill may be the new communists. The fight on gun control may be coined America’s second cold war.

I am one of many Americans who have had a friend who has been a victim of a senseless shooting or suicide. Restricting arms is a serious and personal issue for many. You cannot simply fight senseless violence with more violence. Even the NRA cannot argue that someone mentally or emotionally unstable has a right to hold or own a gun.

The only completely logical way of dissuading massacres such as in Virginia Tech, Chardon, Newtown and Colorado (just to name a few in recent years), is to tighten gun control, which the government and congress are in the midst of. There are currently eight out of 23 executive actions involving mental sanity as well. The question is whether the blame falls upon the weapon or the person pulling the trigger. In my opinion, both must be blamed and restricted in order to dissuade such horrific events to continue across America.

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Shut Up Huckabee



There has been a lot of attention focused on Barack Obama’s cabinet this past week. Criticism was quick to arise after a photograph surfaced showing high-powered appointees in the Oval Office, which were all men.

Mike Huckabee said on his radio show, “Now a lot of those females who supported Barack Obama are scratching their heads, and they’re saying, ‘Whoa! How come there is so much testosterone in the Obama Cabinet and so little estrogen?”

However, I happen to be a female, and I supported Barack Obama during his campaign in 2012, and I am not scratching my head.

Why am I not scratching my head? Well, I don’t believe that women are ornaments that should be appointed to certain positions just for the sake of having women in your cabinet. Which, 43% of Obama’s cabinet is made up of women anyway, in case you were wondering.

Weren’t a lot of people appalled by Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women?” Wasn’t that because he shouldn’t be trying so hard to find women, he should just be looking for well qualified people, regardless of gender? Isn’t this kind of the same thing?

I’m not upset that there aren’t women featured in this photo. I don’t even care. However, I do care, that people are treating women in politics like the cherry on top of the sunday, meaningless, but great for show. Women aren’t decoration. Women are people! So what if Barack Obama picked males to be in his cabinet, maybe they were more qualified than some women. As for Hillary Clinton’s replacement, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass), he was only chosen because U.N Ambasodor Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration. Barack Obama is not a woman-hater, so why is the media using this picture to try to make him seem like one?

If people are upset by the small fraction of Obama’s cabinet that was shown being male, then why isn’t it Michele Bachmann’s cabinet? By the system of logic that would cause someone to be outraged by this, we should have all rallied behind Michele Bachmann to make her President of the United States just so we could have a female President.

Personally, I was more offended by Mike Huckabee’s remarks than I was the “lack of estrogen” in the Oval Office. I think a great deal of us aren’t shallow enough to judge a cabinet on its genitalia rather than the work that it will do. Apparently, that is something that you need to work on, Mike.


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Bold Poetry

Richard Blanco has been announced as a speaker at the 2013 inauguration of president Obama. While he is the fifth poet to speak at an inauguration, he racks up quite a few of “firsts.”
Blanco is the first ever Hispanic-American and openly gay poet to ever present at a presidential inauguration. He is also the youngest. When told the news that he had been selected to present, Blanco said he was ecstatic and could hardly believe that this opportunity had been given to him.
Blanco likes to say that he is a product of three countries, “made in Cuba, assembled in Spain, and imported to the United States.” His poetry reflects his diverse upbringing in the sense that in many works he is searching for an identity with one of the cultures that he is a part of.
One of his most known works, “AMÉRICA”, discusses his dilemma as a seven year old child when it came to the clashes of his Cuban and American influences. In one section, he was taught about a typical American Thanksgiving at school and he longed to experience this like his other classmates. His mother, who always made traditional Cuban cuisine, was persuaded to mix the cultures on this day and serve both turkey and pork.

A week before Thanksgiving
I explained to my abuelita
about the Indians and the Mayflower,
how Lincoln set the slaves free;
I explained to my parents about
the purple mountain’s majesty,
“one if by land, two if by sea”
the cherry tree, the tea party,
the amber waves of grain,
the “masses yearning to be free”
liberty and justice for all, until
finally they agreed:
this Thanksgiving we would have turkey,
as well as pork.

Richard Blanco (Photo by Nick Tucci)

Richard Blanco (Photo by Nick Tucci)

Full Poem Here:

His poems exemplify the beauty of diversity in America. Blanco deserves this opportunity to speak at the inauguration as much as anyone, but I think the fact that he was chosen makes a significant point. America is evolving into an all-inclusive culture. Four years ago we elected our first black president. Now we will hear from our first Hispanic and openly gay poet. Opportunities are no longer being taken away from deserving citizens due to their race, background, and sexual preference. This is an America that I can be proud of.

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Dear God

For those of you who aren’t familiar, there is such a thing as freedom of religion in America. Unfortunately, in the Bible Belt, it is more like, “ohhhh, you’re one of those people.”

Being a social liberal, in a conservative area, pissing off bible beaters happens sometimes…regularly. It also means that I get pissed off almost daily.

Today, a couple of girls were talking about how cute it would be to be pregnant at the same time while waiting to donate blood. I chimed in and told them that I would rather die than be pregnant. The fact that I didn’t want to help to push the overpopulation of the Earth over the edge, seemed blow their minds more than an atomic bomb.

“You don’t want kids?”


“So you don’t want to get married.”

“Dear god no, what need is there to marry someone?”

“Well I don’t know about your book, but according to mine, unless I want to die a virgin, I have to get married.”

Boom, there’s the kicker. Whenever someone brings up “the book” as if it has legal power over all of us, I raise my eyebrow in disbelief. People that resort to this tactic already think you hold a ticket straight to Hell (in order to get there you have to catch the train on Platform 9 3/4). Anything that you say from this point on is just further verification that Jesus hates you. If they were to say, “well I believe that, yaddah, yaddah, yah,” okay, cool, but, news flash there is more than just one bible. Also, this might be really shocking to people, there is more than just Christianity. Buddha was a real person, not some fat guy that the slanty people have hanging around their restaurants. The lady wearing a scarf on her head probably didn’t plan the bombings on 9/11. Oh, and just because someone’s a jew, doesn’t mean that they are cheap.

Just thought you should know. You’re welcome small town America.

P.S, if you want to get married, just to have sex, that is a horrible idea. Do you understand that it’s “until death do us part,” or overwhelming legal fees separate us? It’s not something to jump into just because you want to get laid. Jesus Christ people!

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