Guns for Hands

Photo credit: Paul Tong

Photo credit: Paul Tong

Since the tragedy in Newtown, the NRA has been- literally and figuratively- up in arms. They recently aired an advertisement issuing a stand-up-and-fight mantra following their press conference. Their solution to mass shootings of the young and defenseless? Put weapons into the hands of supervisors. The Whitehouse children have armed guards, so why shouldn’t the remainder of young Americans? In a general, idealistic sense, this proposal seems rational. If an armed person were to enter a classroom, a teacher would simply pull an AK-47 from their cabinet.

Putting guns into teacher’s cabinets is similar to the nuclear arms race. If implemented cautiously, it could in theory work, having a stockpile against a stock pile. But, a mentally insane person is not going to rationalize shooting children in the first place, let alone thinking “OH, well now since schoolteachers have guns too, I probably shouldn’t enter the school with a gun unless I want to get the first bullet.” Arming teachers will not dissuade the mentally insane from entering schools with guns because doing so isn’t a rational act in the first place.

Can every teacher, coach and supervisor be trusted with a gun? Personally, there are quite a few people holding these occupations who I wouldn’t trust with a gun. There would need to be some state issued training. Teachers couldn’t simply be handed guns if they didn’t know how to use them. But even if they did, there is also a question of an instructor’s mental sanity. So not only would schools be required to provide a shooting course for their teachers or professors, but also a mental background check of sorts. Even then, who is to say that school shootings from within wouldn’t occur? Do you give the principal the biggest gun? Like the nuclear arms race, creating weaponry is only perpetuating mass destruction.

The next problem facing gun control and mental sanity is how to determine whether someone is stable enough to own a gun. If I was once an alcoholic, if I suffered from extreme anxiety or depression, would I be mentally sane enough to own a gun? Would this defer me from having a job within a school system since I would be unable to brandish a gun? Mental sanity may be the next question. If so, the mentally ill may be the new communists. The fight on gun control may be coined America’s second cold war.

I am one of many Americans who have had a friend who has been a victim of a senseless shooting or suicide. Restricting arms is a serious and personal issue for many. You cannot simply fight senseless violence with more violence. Even the NRA cannot argue that someone mentally or emotionally unstable has a right to hold or own a gun.

The only completely logical way of dissuading massacres such as in Virginia Tech, Chardon, Newtown and Colorado (just to name a few in recent years), is to tighten gun control, which the government and congress are in the midst of. There are currently eight out of 23 executive actions involving mental sanity as well. The question is whether the blame falls upon the weapon or the person pulling the trigger. In my opinion, both must be blamed and restricted in order to dissuade such horrific events to continue across America.

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