4 ways to support the black lives matter movement in the wake of the Ferguson ruling

On November 25th, a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, an 18-year-old who was caught jaywalking with a friend in Ferguson, Missouri this August. Since the ruling, many americans have voiced their frustration with the racism still deeply ingrained in today’s law enforcement. As a result, non-violent protests have cropped up in almost every major US city in support of Michael Brown and his family as well as the black community. Here are a few things we can do to support the Ferguson community and collectively end racism because, even though it should go without saying, black lives matter.

1. Comment and Unfriend

Social media is a breeding ground for heated conversation and debate, but racism is never socially acceptable. If you find a comment offensive, say so. If you are uncomfortable with this and would rather take a more non-confrontational approach, simply unfriend or unfollow. Chances are, they will privately message you wanting to know why you unfriended them, so be prepared and don’t shy away from telling them exactly why you wanted to remove their ignorant comments from your feed.

2. Donate to Ferguson Public Library

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.03.01 PM

The Ferguson Public Library has already received almost $200,000 in funding over the past 2 days. Despite the Ferguson public school system closing, the library remained open the day before Thanksgiving. Through their Facebook Page, they’ve been a reassuring voice in the midst of anguish, posting contact information for counseling services and information on learning how to file insurance claims for businesses damaged in the riots.

You can still donate…

Online through Paypal.

Directly via post:

Ferguson Municipal Public Library
35 North Florissant Road
Ferguson, Missouri 63135

Or by selecting a book from the library’s wishlist at  Powell’s.

3. Follow Black Lives Matter on Facebook and donate to the BlackLivesMatter Bay Area Legal Fund.

donate black lives matter

4. Send Your Support to the Brown Family through the NAACP

Unfortunately, the Brown family will be going through this holiday season without their son. The NAACP has a form where you can express your condolences and support for them during this difficult time. Even though the death of Michael Brown has become a national concern, he had family behind him and a life ahead of him that was tragically cut short.

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4 thoughts on “4 ways to support the black lives matter movement in the wake of the Ferguson ruling

  1. jonolan says:

    Number one is irrelevant. Most people will, once they find out you support the feral looters and ever-angry Blacks, will unfriend you anyway, most likely both in social media and in life.

  2. Calley Nelson says:

    Hi Jonolan,

    There have been many nonviolent protests throughout the country against the unfair treatment of blacks by the legal system. The looting in Ferguson was facilitated by opportunists taking advantage of the vulnerability of the community, not by the mass amount of protestors fighting for racial equality all across the US.

    Don’t you think there’s some validity in the anger? A teenager was killed by a police officer for jaywalking. Don’t you see something wrong with that?

    • jonolan says:

      Honestly, no. I see no validity in their anger since the entire situation is caused by their own behavior and their demanding to uphold a culture that is different from- and both abhorrent and antithetical to that of the nation they live within.

      As for that teenager – he was killed for assaulting a police officer, quite probably with lethal intent, not for jaywalking.

      • Calley Nelson says:

        I think it is a mistake to summarize the whole of the black community in this way.

        Also, Michael Brown was unarmed, and 16 people testified under oath that he had his hands up. When Brown was shot dead, he wasn’t anywhere near the vehicle, which was the same time that Darren Wilson said he was reaching for his gun.

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